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Easter 2002!

This was taken Jan 2, 1999 during our big snow! Take a look at this:

List of Dealers (for the want-to-be's)

Argo/Vanguard: Dealer of 6 & 8 Wheelers in Hamlet, IN
Recreatives Industries: Max Dealer
Max Dealer: Located in St. Louis
Max Dealer: Located in Springfield, MO
Argo Dealer Site: Get your Argo here!
Bianco All Season Vehicles...Because a Honda Doesn't Float!

This page is for all 6 wheelin enthusiasts
(or want-to-be's) who want to get together
with other 6 wheelin enthusiasts to ride!


This page is for serious riders and is not for the faint of heart!
We mean business!

Other sites to check out:

Richard's Relics

Six Wheeling Scrapbook

Here is the LONG AWAITED pics from the Sept. 2001 Badlands Ride!

Check out the pics from the Attica,IN Ride!

Coming Soon! Pics from 4th of July Weekend 2001! :)

Check out the pics from the Memorial Day Weekend Ride 1999!

Click on the banner to witness the fun.

The 4th Of July Weekend Ride Pics!

The Fall Ride 1999 at "Badlands" in Attica, IN
There are also some Quad pics here too.. just
click on the "next" button :)

Here they are!! Pics from our Winter Ride 2000!!!

And check out the MUD RUN 2000 Pics HERE!!

Dennis (pictured below) was the 1st one
to successfully make it through


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