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Well.. You know you can't finish up a ride without a little

These pictures are of the group playing in Jeep ruts.

Here's an Argo 8 wheeler cruisin' through the mud & water.

And here come the Martins.

Brandon looks on as a Max takes on some MAJOR ruts.

The group watches as John takes his turn.

Bill (dad) cruises through in his Argo.

Now, the Martins give 'er a whirl.

HANG ON Mrs. Martin!

WOW!! Have you ever wondered what the underside
of a Max looks like?

Bill gives it a whirl in the same spot.

Uh... Dad??? Where are ya?

There you are! Still tryin!

Stay tuned for pics from Deepwater, July 14 & 15!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event,
But, my mother will be taking a few pics for me. If you have
any pics you'd like to submit for the Deepwater ride,
please email me using the button below. Thanks :)