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Well.. NO ride is complete without a little MUD!
Here's Bill having a little trouble.

Brandon gives it a shot and makes it.

Now Bill 'bout went over here!

Wow.. Now that's some TILT!


Bill gets by with a little help from his WINCH!

And he's off & runnin! Look at those rooster tails!

Watch as Brandon gives it a try.

No Prob. But remember: Brandon's Max is a little lighter
and not as wide as that Bigfoot. (Is that my prejudice coming
out again? I hate it when that happens.)

John pops a wheelie coming out of the Jeep ruts.

And they said it couldn't be done with an Argo!
Bill will show em how it's done!

Stay tuned for more pics coming SOON!

I have some pics of Argo's pulling out Maxs! Wahoo! :)
So keep watching for the "Next" button at the bottom of this page.